Google DeepMind and MultiAdaptor reached out to someform Studio to collaborate on redefining DeepMind's visual identity.

The outcome is a rebranding effort rooted in conceptual exploration, aiming to convey an abstract visual identity that captures the nuanced essence of DeepMind's pursuit towards artificial general intelligence.

You can read an extensive breakdown of the project on someform’s website.

As a part of someform’s creative team, I was involved in the full spectrum of this amazing project, starting from early concepts and visual development to finished images and animation.

Design & Direction: someform Studio

Creative Team: Matthias Winckelmann, Helge Kiehl, Yannik Wenk, Dominik Grejc, Chris Hoffmann, Vitaly Grossmann, Conrad Ostwald

Sound: Chris Hoffmann

Client — Google DeepMind: Ross West, Gaby Pearl, Holly Dobson, Dominic Barlow

Branding Agency — MultiAdaptor: Chris Copping, Ben Brookbanks, Nancy Case, Joe Warburton, Chris Ireland


︎ Visual Development

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