Early 2021 the Brand and Creative Strategy team at BCG reached out to someform Studio with an exciting proposal - not only to explore 3D imagery for BCG’s brand identity, but even more so with a proposal to change the way how our clients can utilize our design systems. The result of this exploration led to the first of their kind unique branding visuals that can create themselves.

As part of the team at someform Studio I was involved in the design exploration of the project that would ultimately result in an application that could become a working design solution for BCG’s corporate branding.

You can read more about the automated design system tool on someform’s website.
Design & Direction: someform Studio
Creative Team: Matthias Winckelmann, Helge Kiehl, Dominik Grejc, Santi Zoraidez, Chris Hoffmann, Julius Steinhauser, Bartosz Kaminski, Yannik Wenk
Producer: Lars Wagner
Client: BCG (Boston Consulting Group) Global Brand and Design Team 

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